Sylvain Gülay

Sylvain Gulay is an authority on motorboats even though he has sailed mono-hulls and catamarans for years..
He is well informed about the second-hand market in the United States and has lived there for three years..
At 17 years of age, he turned his passion for boats and the sea, inherited from his family, into his profession.

His experience in renovating boats includes technical and manual work on hulls, varnishing, repairing teak decks, engine work, electronic work, haul- outs and painting, all of which have made him a true expert in the field.
When he joined the family business in 2002, he already had had a career in deep-sea fishing and running luxury charter yachts from 45 'to 65' long, and he had sailed all over the Caribbean.

With his passion, his training and his serious attitude, Sylvain GULAY looks after his customers from start to finish, always bearing their wishes in mind.
You can count on him to find the best "DEAL» in new and second- hand boats, he will handle the conditions of acquisition, administrative matters, renovations and delivery while ensuring that his client gets a boat to fits his needs and his wallet.